Feb 24, 2009

things I hate

-spiders (more than hate, it's fear, phobia...)
-the fact that my best friend is so selfish (thing I don't understand.. his mother is the nicer mother I've ever met:_)
-not finish a good film (or whatch a bad one)
-not knowing how to play a song with the guitar after several minuts trying it
-the calls
-that my father finished the rubiks cube faster than me
-the limit of the megavideo, which only alows me to whatch Lost once a day

Surely I hate so many things.. more than I can write or tell or confess.
But the thing I hate stronger, is my alarm clock.

1 comment:

  1. -not finish a good film (or whatch a bad one)


    va ser una putada :_

    el meu primer comentari aquii (LLL)

    volia comentar als altres ia et vaig dir pero eren tan macos que no sabia que comentar (sona a excusa barata pero es que és vritat :________ )

    I wanna see more films with you
    (encara et cansaràs de mirar pelis amb mi xDD)

    T'estimo molt molt molt molt =)