Jul 28, 2014


This afternoon, when you told me you are sleeping with a girl, I died a little. Some light inside me shut down. Some colour inside me went black. The truth knocked to my door saying: Hey, you really fucking care. I still cannot imagine you with another girl. I do not want to. This is the last new I needed today, the last one. After that I tried to listen you and I could not. I had to close the window three seconds after you started singing. It is hard to understand all that I am feeling since I don't know you at all, but I really care about who is sleeping with you, and leaving her stuff in the floor of your room, and drinking wine in your kitchen, and hugging Frey with love, and staring at you as I did, and feeling this kind of unstoppable desire I used to feel by your side. I knew it since I saw you first time.

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